I am a fan of /r/python and hacker news. During weekends I work on side projects or take pictures of things. In the past have a worked with building the infrastructure for large scale web crawlers, restaurant data and ecommerce solutions.

My career began as a designer; mostly creating and translating PSDs to HTML. You can view some of my design work here. I slowly moved to picking up some fullstack development skills. And finally I pursued a backend development career exploring data in the energy industry, where I led a team of enthusiastic software developers.

Some of my interesting side projects

ChangeLog Suggest

Writing CHANGELOGs can be a grueling task but git logs can help you create a suggested CHANGELOG. The intention of this tool is to remove some of the grunt work involved checking diffs to write CHANGELOGs. You can view it on github or read the docs or download it from pip.


A tiny pip package to run your scrapy spiders from a Flask API. You can checkout Arachne on github or read the docs or install through pip.

Also featured in Python Weekly Issue #255

NYC Free WiFi

From all the open data sources that the NYC government provides, one of the data set is the free WiFi locations in NYC. This map give you an idea of all the closest free WiFi around you in NYC. Checkout NYC Free WiFi on github or the live version here.